The Ancient Islamic Symbol - Rub el Hizb (ربع الحزب)

The Ancient Islamic Symbol - Rub el Hizb (ربع الحزب)The image of the eight-pointed star created from the seven sacred tables is considered as the most revered sun sign in many countries. But only in Islam it was preserved in the Holy Quran. Other religions did not dare to depict this symbol in the holy scriptures. What is even more surprising is that the Muslims even kept the inner element of the sacred star in the image.

Nine signs of the eight-pointed star connected together form a small cycle. Its meaning is equal to the meaning of a molecule because everything physical is made up of it. Below you see a complete small cycle of nine small eight-pointes stars.
Rub-el-Hizb in the sacred tables

The appearance of the eight-pointed star signifies the transition from the old world to the new. This event has been expected for thousands of years. 

The lines of a small cycle show several signs:

Eight-pointed star signs

Some important things to remind to this world:

1) Thank the Almighty for revealing what was foretold. This happens so that the revealed evidence leads you to the path of true faith and you do not doubt the fulfilment of His will.

2) We need to awaken the majority to unite against the inhumans. This is the exam for every soul and the entire world. Your salvation lies in those you have awakened.

Indestructible Temple
3) Those who suppress the information about the seven sacred tables, the built Temple, the eight-pointed star etc. are supporters of the darkness. All those who turn away from the Gift of God and obey the orders of the inhumans are responsible for the coming third world war, into which the inhumans are leading you through your disunity. Unite to fulfil the will of the Almighty. 

(Excerpts from the book "A Message")

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